Our team of licensed, Marketplace- certified agents and brokers are here to help you.  Whether you’re needing individual, family or employer-sponsored health insurance, we will help you find a plan that fits your needs and fits your budget. 
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When securing insurance for customers, the goal should be maximum coverage for minimal dollars. However, many agencies have barriers that prevent that from happening. We set out to create an insurance brokerage company unlike any other. We started by tearing those barriers down. When I first entered the business world, it was common knowledge that success in sales was achieved by providing customers with superior service and products. That is how you earned loyal, life time customers. That's what everyone wanted. Times have changed, and not all change is good. As the world has evolved and life has picked up pace, there's a new focus. Short term success has become more important than long term goals. Earning loyal, life-time customers suddenly isn't as important as how many dollars’ worth of products were sold to them last week. We set out to change all that. At Benefits by Design, our mission is simple: Our team has one standard -- Excellence in all we do. Our team has one goal -- Your total satisfaction. We are not a national “e” online health insurance web site or a busy call center where you wait endlessly in a queue for someone to speak with. At Benefits By Design we are all knowledgeable licensed, marketplace exchange certified agents who work actively and exclusively as your advocates. Our only job is to find the best matched, least expensive insurance coverage that fits your needs. We are your professional partner to help solve problems, untangle red tape, and answer all your questions. We're never in a hurry because we're here to serve your needs first. Our experienced team is built on integrity and expertise. Nothing else is tolerated. Our customers deserve nothing less. Period. Please contact Benefits by Design. Experience the difference an advocate can make for you CONTACT US
Our Big Difference
Local: (913) 385-2224 Wichita: (316) 263-2900 Toll Free: (877) 385-2224